Re-Speed / SHQE Manufacturing is proud to offer welding, fabrication, machining, powder coating and high temp ceramic coating services. We specialize in the automotive industry by redesigning and manufacturing parts to replace the stock ones to enhance your vehicle’s performance. Our welding service include TIG welding aluminum, stainless steel, and chromoly. Feel free to browse through our gallery of previously done work.

3D Designing and FEA analysis
Offering the latest in 3D design of products before production and the ability to analize with FEA to show where and how product would fail or pass prior to production.

Whether TIG, MIG, or Stick welding is required, we are sure to meet your needs in all welding departments. We specialize in dealing with chromoly and aluminum TIG welding. No job is too small nor too big for us too tackle.

We currently have an in house lathe, and have access to a CNC mill and CNC lathe. If multiple parts are required to tight tolerances, please feel free to contact us with your design and/or idea and we will be happy to work out a quote for you.

Powder Coating
With access to over 6500 different colors, we are sure to have just the right color for your project. From car parts, to tools, glass and anything else that can withstand about 450*F of heat, we will be more than pleased to add a  durable finish to your product.

Ceramic Coating
Utilizing one of the industries leading ceramics manufacturers, we insure to give you one of the best performing and durable coatings on the market. Our high temperature, thermal barrier ceramic coatings can withstand temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. These are perfect for exhaust headers, turbo manifolds, turbo hot side, downpipes, heat shields, ovens,  fireplace, industrial … and much more!  Our in stock colours are: Black, silver, and titanium.


From concept to reality, we have the resources to make it all happen. Please contact us for any questions and/or quotes.